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If you have learnt how to change your thinking you should be able to see much clearer now – let’s supplement that by introducing passion to the discussion. Have you ever had a moment in your life, when you were able to see so much more of what you could be, compared to what you are right now? If you were to think back on all of the dreams you have had over the years, and everything you had always wished for your life, I don’t know if you would begin to feel that stressful knot in your stomach as the anxiety of lost hopes races through your body yet again, or if you would sit back with a small smile on your face remember the good times you had chasing those dreams. Our passion, as people is surpassed by no other emotion.

Do you remember a time, a time in your past? Say, maybe, ten years ago, maybe when you were little, do you remember a time when you were feeling incredibly inspired. An idea, a concept in your head, had your mind and body moving at an amazing pace. You could feel the fire inside of you just looking for a way to escape and express itself in the world. You longed for results. Remember how that fire kept you awake at night, and woke you early in the morning? Do you recall how fantastically happy you were? Do you wish you could feel that amazing feeling again?

There is so much information on the internet about

“follow my step-by-simple-step process and..”


and there are millions of sites with

‘make money fast and easy.”


I will admit, there are hundreds of incredible ideas on the internet on how to make money, and I believe that many of them work, if you work them. But there is something missing. There is something that just doesn’t line up. Something is off. Why is it so hard for people to discover that dream we all hear about? Why do so many people feel incredibly lost and deep dark despair? The answer is decidedly simple; because no one talks about passion, about that fire! Passion is as individual as our fingerprint, and a lot of people will happily tack onto someone else’s passion for the ride, but it’s not the same and it will never be the same and if you do something similar you’ll find yourself driven to despair as you desperately try and plug a black hole that can’t be plugged by chasing someone else’s passion.

Passion is an essence. It moves us to create and accomplish amazing things in our lives and within ourselves. It causes us to laugh out loud at no joke at all, it brings tears to our eyes for no reason at all. It’s an incredible connection to life, and ideas, and emotions. It’s the life force that bonds us together and allows us to feel alive! Passion keeps us awake at nights with thousands of thoughts running through our heads and a million words coming out of our mouths! It wakes us early in the morning to get things done and it doesn’t let us rest until the job is done. It wants us to be more, to do more, and to have more. It wants us to live up to our full potential!

So many programs lack a way to help people discover and tap into their passion. Imagine if we could create that passion at any time, for any purpose we want from it. Imagine, for just a moment, how amazing you would feel if you were to tap into your passion, at its root, and let it flow through you and your life.  How much more interesting would your life be? I will admit, the connection to our passion can be a very long and difficult road, there is no better journey than self-discovery and the development of a personal connection to your life with every single breath you take.


So the question remains; do you know what lights your fire?

I want to talk about working on your passion and what a difference that makes in your life. I suppose it was really just a short time ago when I learned of this phenomenon. Up until that point it simply never entered my head that I could work on something that I was whole heartedly passionate about. It took a bit of time to sink in – but I have to say that the difference it has made to my life is hard to describe. Work now energizes me and I look forward to the hours each week where I get stuck into my ‘work stuff’. Some people are lucky in the sense that they’re passionate about aspects of their job. Some rare people are lucky enough to be in a job that inspires them, and they’re fully passionate about their jobs. The majority of people fall into the last category though; that being people who are comfortable about their jobs and it’s a means to an end regarding survival.

So how do we move away from the feeling of comfort and move onto something that you find passionate? I suppose the first step is to figure out what it is you are passionate about. More than likely there will be a few areas which you could put in this category. However when you actually start imagining whether you can see yourself working in these areas, it gives clarity on these and generally there will be one strong front runner. If there isn’t let it sit with you for a while and mull it over for a few days, we do have other articles on this website which are dedicated to helping you find and discover your passion, as well as answering the question what is a passion – which surprisingly a lot of people struggle in answering.

My basic test for whether you have found your passion is to tell a friend about what you think your passion is and see what they think. Generally if you have found your passion it will be immediately obvious to anyone around you that when you start to talk about it you have a totally different energy – your eyes light up, your breathing quickens, your heart races and you become very animated – almost like you’re in love with the situation. Yet, it’s an emotion stronger and more unrestrained than love.

Another good thing to remember about finding what your passion is, is that it may or may not have anything to do with your current job. Mine had no relation to it. However all the experience I had gained in my previous jobs stood me in good stead in my new venture? So keep an open mind on what your passion could be. It’s going to be risky. Yet, chasing your passion and your dreams is not something you should ever compromise, so it may be something that you’re just going to have to make a leap of faith on. If it’s your passion, once you have made the leap everything will be okay, but sometimes it is the leap which stops us – the difference in our practical and logical mind and the difference in a mind driven by passion.

For the skeptics out there who say –

‘Don’t be ridiculous, work is work and you should never make work a happy place because it’ll kill your dream/hobby’


to that I’d say, if it doesn’t bother you either way, no worries. However my personal experience and that of many others I have learned from is that the energy and joy you get from your work is on a whole new level when you work at something you love, and who doesn’t want to combine their passion with their work?

So take another step this week to making your undercover escape and start to figure out what your passion is – go on, I double dare! You might be very surprised.

To conclude, these tips are essential; to live with passion.

How do you define a passionate life? Is it through the acquisition of material wealth and power, getting the profession of your dreams, or having your own beautiful family? Some find mansions, jewels and slick cars as the ultimate achievement of passion, but the truth is, each person has his own concept of what will truly make them happy. It’s not what others think – it’s what YOU deem important which will define your own vision of a passionate life.


How do you set yourself up for its fulfillment? Here are 3 good ways.

Get Rid Of Your Baggage

Many of us are surrounded by physical AND emotional clutter; both prevent us from having the clarity to move forward. Material things and worries are fluff and stuff which only distract you from achieving that elusive zest for life. Figure out what you need to readjust in your life in order to create a space where thinking is easy.

Try Something Extraordinary

Try something new, something that you’ve always wanted to do. Attempt new things that you only dreamed about. Start a list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. What you actually choose must be something you have been raring to do, something different, something fun, something that will add some spice and passion into your life. Imagine if you tried something new once every 3 months. After 1 year, you’ve got 4 new skills, experiences and / or hobbies under your belt. This constant determination to try new things will enrich you as a person, widen your horizons, and make life something to look forward to.


Stare Down The Naysayers

There are people that love to try and steal your passion for life. When you are excited about a new opportunity such as a new class, moving away, or starting a business, the naysayers love to voice their opinion of all the negative things that could happen. You know the ones who will say that…”You’ll waste your time. You’ll lose your money. You’ll be back.”

These conversations will not serve you. This is one of the main reasons why most people don’t stick with their new interest – they start having conversations with the wrong people. The conversations are all focused on what is wrong in the world and lack and limitation. We know from the Law of Attraction that we want to focus on what we desire. Stare down the naysayers and don’t give them your energy!

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