High-level Lust Is The Unity Of Body And Soul

The Japanese have High-level Lust. Regardless of whether it is film or television works or literary works, they have considerable persistence in “LUST”. In many Japanese books on eroticism, there are a lot of detailed descriptions of the intercourse process of men and women, but they rarely exaggerate sexual feelings deliberately. To us, it seems a bit incomprehensible, because we look at it from the purely erotic aspect, taking the ultimate experience of the flesh as the object of fantasy, but in Japanese aesthetics, these tireless processes are the essence of body aesthetics.

Fujimoto Minoyama said in “色道大鏡”: “Although lust is to mobilize all faculties to pursue physiologically stimulating behavior, the people who participate in it are careful to avoid falling into animality, and at the same time endow the world with beauty. Warmth and expectation.” “Lust” not only refers to erotica, but a universally meaningful beauty that uses the bodies of both sexes as the carrier. It has true feelings, a cultural heritage, and a deep understanding of the nature of love. Many people believe that lust is a kind of sinking. But the concept of “色道” is just the opposite, and lust is a kind of detachment.

  1. What is the unity of body and soul, and why should we seek

We must unite humanity and animality, need each other spiritually, love each other in soul, and physically

Psychologist Freud once said that many “unknown fires” in adults are due to unsatisfied sexual needs.

Psychology believes that the more severe the demand is suppressed, the stronger the aggressiveness. Aggressiveness erupts outwards, loves to blame the partner, grumpy temper, and endangers the marriage relationship; aggressiveness erupts internally, constant self-doubt, emotional instability, and the more you live, the more depressed. Sexual desire is the source of a person’s vitality. If sexual desire is not satisfied, he will turn it into aggressiveness and do things that hurt the relationship. Then conversely, the satisfaction of sexual needs can directly repair the relationship between the two. The sense of need, intimacy, and possession that are brought to us from “sex” cannot be compensated by other means. Only sex can express love directly through the body. It is a hearty and intimate redemption.



  1. How can the soul mate be physically consistent as soon as possible

For most people, lust is a bit ashamed and too heavy, but from the perspective of lust, lust is like a cloud, and ultimately it is a void, a physical utopia. In fact, being able to produce lust for each other is already the first hurdle for each other to select a partner. Because of how many people are tall, short, fat, thin, dress style, temperament, or even just unpleasant, it is impossible to have physical contact. And if you and the person in front of you have physical lust, it is a rare thing, and even more rare is that this person turns out to be your soul mate. But sometimes, things are not perfect, or things are not perfect most of the time in life, so Tinder’s one-night stand appears, and platonic love also appears, and the unity of soul and body is one in a million. The probability can be met. However, in my opinion, meeting a soul mate is not easy. If the two parties are very frustrated because of sexual disharmony, sex toy is a very good helper at this time.

The reason for this is that sex toy has functions that the human body does not have, such as eight or even ten kinds of high-frequency vibrations, such as arrogant erections that will never soften, such as tirelessly stimulating the clitoris, such as constant swallowing but not A small mouth that reflects vomiting, such as a temperature that can automatically heat up.

So, what if you meet your soul mate but she happens to be the same sex as you? Next is the sex toy I want to recommend to you, so that you can experience a kind of spiritual pleasure that is unparalleled in the world when you climax at the same time.

What if your partner is male but he likes to be mouthed, and your mouth is obviously very sensitive and cannot give him a deep throat feeling?

If your male partner is slightly sexually addicted and you can’t stand too many physical pleasures, then this is the best way to help you and him.


  1. Sex toys that can help couples unify soul and body

Many times it is obvious that you have desires, but your partner is still like a cold person. At this time, if your hands cannot help the other party to have desires, toys actually have this function, because the vibration frequency of toys is too high and it is easy to stimulate , People can’t control their physical impulses. Secondly, if regular sex leads to numbness and lack of freshness, then the ever-changing gameplay brought by toys can rekindle your passion and return to the time when you first fell in love.

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Sometimes you don’t have to use one stereotype rigidly all the time. In fact, there are many other things you can try, just like life.

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