Ringing in ears – A sign of spiritual awakening

Did you know that having ringing in the ear could be a sign of spiritual awakening?  So you’ve gone to the doctor but there’s nothing physically or medically wrong with you, still the ringing keeps happening? Find out how it could be a part of your spiritual awakening.

I’ve come across a lot of people who are having this ringing in the ear, especially in the last few months. So what may be happening is that you’re becoming more attuned to the energies to the higher frequency energies and you’re able to hear things that you weren’t able to hear before.

Sounds complex? Well, I will break it down. Stick with me till the end to know the reasons.

Spiritually awakening & new frequencies

The bells are ringing in your ear because as you are having a spiritual awakening. You’re going to vibrate at a very different frequency. You’re going to be more attuned to higher frequencies and especially now with all the frequencies changing so rapidly and ascending what you may be able to hear is something that you just weren’t yet attuned to before.

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Developing psychic abilities

Also what may be happening is that you are developing some abilities like clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance. So I am going to specifically talk about a clear audience.


You will be surprised to know that we’re all capable of these psychic abilities. It’s just that if you want to work on it, if you want to develop it a little more, you may be well on your way.

If you’re having this ringing in the ear because you’re able to hear something that others simply don’t hear. Clairaudience also has to do with hearing footsteps, you may also hear wind chimes, music.

Clearing and shifting frequencies

You are clearing so much of your ancestral trauma, your personal trauma, things from your childhood in this life that your vibration is going to shift drastically.

So you are going to be vibrating at a higher frequency. It makes the veil between this dimension and the other dimension extremely thin. The energetic entities that surround you, your guides, angels, and energetic beings can communicate to you directly.

Training for Clairaudience

If you quiet your mind, you go into a very quiet space and you ask a specific question. You will hear the answers that you are seeking.

You can train yourself to not dismiss that, to accept it, and act on it. Now again you’ve gone to the doctor you have got this ringing in the ear and there’s no medical issue whatsoever.

Because of course, it can be a medical condition. A lot of people have ringing in the ear but it’s a medical condition or they have a virus or an infection or something that has caused their hearing to be affected. But this is something that has no medical cause.

Hearing energies

You’re hearing energies, you are shifting energies, and you are hearing that shift in energy. The thing is it’s ephemeral, it’s vague, and it’s like trying to catch something that’s hard to catch.

So you can’t purposely listen to it. It comes and catches you by surprise and all of a sudden you’re like, “Oh Wow! That’s a pretty high pitch. What’s going on? I wasn’t listening to loud music in my headphones? What is that?” Cooldown! It’s you becoming more attuned to the higher frequencies.

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