Tantric Sex Positions Foreplay Technique for Beginners

Sex for Spiritual Growth

Tantric sex remains a trendy topic in magazines, blogs, and gossip. Even the best dating sites recommend trying out this experience. Regardless, there remain many questions about this sexual principle, with most people knowing little about it.

So, What’s Tantric Sex Technique?

Tantra is a great way of deepening your connection even outside the bedroom

Tantra is a concept in Buddhist and Hindu culture that focuses on mindfulness, awareness, and connection. The goals of tantra are to weave, unify, and connect, and this applies even to human relationships. Tantra as a sex technique involves partner unification so that they can enjoy sex. Tantra can be practiced alone or with a partner.

If it’s the first time you’ve heard of it, tantra can be intimidating to learn and apply in your sex life. Tantric sex allows you to explore your body, so you can pay attention to its needs and wants. In addition, it assists in building deeper bonds of intimacy with your partner and growing spiritually.

Tantra allows couples to be spiritually present and physically aware, and you share growing energy even after intercourse. You can learn from your soulmate from all levels.

Are There Any Benefits to Tantra?

According to sex experts, tantra offers effective sex techniques that help an individual or a couple rethink their attitude towards intercourse. It introduces new ways for bodies to connect and exchange energy.

Although it might sound crazy, tantra is a proven tactic that solves problems in marriage regarding sex and intimacy. Experts believe that intercourse isn’t the problem; it’s the technique and style. Tantric sex is set to undo the belief that sex is wrong and our bodies are not sacred. As such, even couples who are sexually satisfied can unlock new ways to connect with each other.

Getting Started

Tantra is a fascinating concept, but it can be overwhelming and intimidating for beginners. How do you introduce this idea to your partner?

You don’t need to have a partner to practice tantric sex

Avoid drowning them with information. Tantric sex is extensive, so try not to overwhelm your better half with information. Instead, discuss what you enjoy about your sex life and intimacy and what you think would spice it up.

Listen. Regardless of how you deliver your exciting ideas, it’s not guaranteed your partner will agree to it. Some might be enthusiastic about it, while others might give it a hard pass. Some might be open to the idea without necessarily agreeing. Nonetheless, listen and respect their decision.

Seek a teacher. If your partner is open to the idea, it’s wise to seek a teacher. Have a guide who will ease you through the practice. Learning new sex techniqueand sex principles might be frustrating, even if you think you know enough.

Prepare Your Mind and Space

As a spiritual practice, tantric intercourse involves connecting your physical and mental aspects. So, you must be willing to stretch your limit and clear your mindset.

Meditation is a great way to prepare for tantra because it lets you focus on breathing and examining your thoughts. Some people stretch as a way to release tension and negative energy. Journaling daily is an excellent technique for organizing your thoughts and letting go of baggage.

Once you clear your mind, create a soft space and get comfortable

Decluttering your mind removes blocks to spiritual growth and makes you lighter, especially for those trying the unprotected sex technique. Take deep breathes to help you stay in the present, and it’s a great sex delay technique. 

Set up your space by checking your temperature and filling it with a pleasurable scent. Throw down some soft blankets and pillows.


Tantra offers a wholesome experience where you can connect with your inner self and your partner. Mindful sex allows you to grow spiritually, appreciate the sacredness of sex, and become more aware of your body.

Have you tried tantra before? What do you love about the experience? Is it true that thissex technique and sex problems in marriage can be solved? Drop a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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