Why is Dating so Difficult for Adults?

Why is Dating so Difficult when it is a must for everyone. It is an experience wherein love can grow between two individuals throughout time. However, many adults nowadays are said to fear the idea of dating, which hinders them from trying and experiencing it. A lot takes the fear of possibly dating a fake profile, sheer time, expenses, and commitment as the reasons why the fear of dating exists among adults. A global pandemic has circled every community worldwide, so physical interactions are not yet advisable.

To thoroughly discuss this issue, the following five biggest issues are why dating among adults has become a serious concern today.

Knowing what we want          

Dating isn’t intended just for fun or playtime. Adults of today’s generation can hardly keep with what they truly want in life and in relationships. So, it tends to be the first concern why they can’t go on dates. Also, as the world today continuously improves in terms of technology, risks, and other complications make it even more complicated for serious dating to happen.

Moreso, doctors claim that many adults today aren’t aware of what they truly want during the dating process. They tend to run into the litany and think that they aren’t good enough or that the people aren’t good enough for them. At first, they may seem interested and into dating, but as time passes, these kinds of adults can find it hard to move forward to strengthen the dating towards a relationship.

Harassment and Pressure 

Other reasons adults don’t go on dates nowadays are harassment and pressure issues. During the dating stages, there are instances wherein harassment happens. This traumatizes a person, making them not want to go on a date the next time. Pressure also arises, especially if the people around are already waiting for these adults to find a relationship and finally settle down in life. The pressure is just too immersed, and that can fear the idea go on dating.

Dating amidst Global Pandemic 

The pandemic brought the lives of many upsides down, even dating. As physical interactions are limited, finding a good partner to go on a date is also restricted. Not just the restriction, the pandemic also brought distinct effects to every individual affecting not only the way they live but also their sense of dating. Most adults nowadays are in isolation, given that the pandemic sparked this idea. Most adults prefer staying home to be safe from this pandemic rather than going out and dating. Some are too into working to meet their ends as the prices keep increasing. In short, the pandemic restricted the time of most adults. They don’t even have the time and interest now to date. Comparing this to years before, adults are into social interaction and dating.

Dating Apps 

Not all dating apps guarantee that each user will form relationships. This is why some adults fear using it to find potential dates. Also, dating apps aren’t safe from fraud and scam profiles which can put adults at risk, especially if they don’t know anything about it.

Moreso, dating apps aren’t for those seeking serious relationships as it is the resort of individuals who can only be after short-term attachments, hookups, and playful dating. If adults are too serious, they may just be unable to find their matches.


Lastly, we have ghosting which has become normal in today’s generation of dating. Online platforms for communication, such as social media sites, are mostly used for ghosting. This happens when a potential date disappears without any say or reason. This then leaves the other one hanging without any clue what went wrong. It is sad to see and hear cases like this when some are serious about looking for dates.

Why is Dating so Difficult

Overall, these reasons mentioned above are just some of the other reasons why adults fear the idea of dating. So, we’ll hope that adults can find it easier and more comfortable to start dating, as love is a fantastic thing to experience in a person’s lifetime.

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