The Basics of Tantric Sex and Reasons Everyone Should Try It

Tantra and sex is an oriental spiritual practice and let me explain some of the Basics of Tantric Sex. Here, not an orgasm is considered the highest point of pleasure, but the whole process of intimacy and its physiological ending. Many have heard of tantric sex. Some have even tried it. There is the best hookup sites review for those who like this kind of spiritual closeness and want to find a partner.

However, most people do not fully understand what it is. Is tantric sex good for your relationship? What is the difference between the tantric type of sex and the regular one? In this article, we will talk about tantric pleasure and its techniques. Why do you need to try this kind of sex at least once in your life? Let’s figure it out together!

For most people, the idea of tantric sex sounds at least unusual, and few people know what it means. Want to know more? We will tell you about the essence of this practice and give you some valuable tips.

How Is It Different From Regular Sex?

Tantric sex is based on extended foreplay. The sex itself is slow and long. A man and a woman should be able to stop at any moment. Tantra lovers say that the whole process of intimacy has an “accumulating effect,” so when partners reach the highest point of pleasure, they feel complete.

Harmony Within You

Is tantric sex good for you? Before you can love someone else, you need to love yourself. People are constantly weighed down by the burden of guilt associated with sexuality. However, we must eliminate this burden if we want to become genuinely free and give and receive love.

Before we can offer another person the precious gift of our own body, we must love that body as much as we would like our partner to love it. Tantric sex uses sexual relationships to increase, improve, expand and enjoy one’s spirituality. These are not casual relationships, group sex, role-playing games, or ego incarnations. It’s just acceptance of yourself and your partner.

You need to affirm yourself and your partner as you are, remembering that the body is just a vessel for divine energy, and for balance, we need the energy of the opposite sex. The difference between Tantric and regular sex is also that regular sex is about taking. Tantric sex, by contrast, requires giving. We must give ourselves, thus making an opportunity for us to receive something. This is necessary in order to become complete, to become a whole person.

What is Special about Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex differs from the usual satisfaction of a physiological need. It’s about seeking self-knowledge and spiritual growth together with a partner. Here are the basic concepts of tantric sex:

  • Perception of sex as meditation and self-improvement practice.
  • A thoughtful and respectful attitude towards a sexual partner.
  • Any position of tantra is a yogic asana.
  • Relaxation of all body parts, including the genitals, due to which the energy of pleasure is evenly distributed throughout the body.

The slowness of actions gives long-term enjoyment and development of new energy states, improving consciousness.

How Can You Practice Tantric Sex?


During this period, partners admire each other’s naked bodies without touching them. Thus, they accumulate spiritual energy and the desire to touch. To do this, you need to sit in front of each other with your legs crossed. You look into your partner’s eyes but don’t touch them. Begin to breathe deeply, imagining that airflow in the genital area travels through the spine and exits through the lungs. After 10-15 minutes of this meditation, you can take your partner’s hands and continue breathing.


Try some of the tantric touching techniques as you caress each other. The partner who’s being touched should close their eyes. The second partner caresses them only with the finger pads slowly and for a long time.

The woman sits on the man so that their genitals touch. He cannot penetrate yet. Partners slowly caress each other with their hands and lips. How long should tantric sex last? Caressing can take up to 2-3 hours. There is no need to rush.


The essence of tantric sex is its slowness. Therefore, a man penetrates a woman very slowly. You both need to wait 1-2 minutes to continue penetration, admiring the beauty of your partner.

Active Stage of Sex

Pay close attention to breathing during the process. A woman and a man can breathe alternately: a man inhales, a woman exhales at this moment, and vice versa. Or you can breathe in harmony.

Prolonged Orgasm

During active intimacy, when you feel that you are approaching orgasm, it is important to stop, lie down next to your partner and enjoy this feeling. Tantra lovers say that at this moment, partners transform sexual energy and transfer it to a higher stage. You need to do this several times to reach the highest bliss.


The main purpose of tantric sex is to release spirituality. Using the pleasure principle to awaken and realize inner spirituality has great meaning. Some people ask whether tantric sex is boring. There is no place for suppression, absorption, false rejection of natural desires and needs. Tantric sex allows us to be ourselves, enjoy, be happy and at the same time achieve a high degree of spiritual connection.

Such sex will help you get to know your partner better, get deeper pleasure. It is not practiced with a one-night partner but only with someone who is trusted and wants to build a long and lasting relationship.

Have you ever tried tantric sex? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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