Have you ever had sexual satisfaction without orgasm? Would you like to experience it, breaking away from the primitive animal instinct to satisfy sexual needs in favor of deep techniques, expanding consciousness, self-improvement, and connection with divine pleasure?

We invite you to get acquainted with such a technique as tantric sex, which will take you and your hot Dating Rating partner beyond the ordinary and make your heart beat faster. So, is tantric sex good? What does tantric sex feel like? Read on to find out!

What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex took all the best from meditation and yoga. But you do not have to delve into philosophical teachings to comprehend unearthly tantric pleasures. It is enough to accept and remember the following features of Tantra:

  • Any standard position for sex can be summed up under tantric sex, but you need to approach them from the point of view of yoga – carefully and consciously;
  • It is important to learn to think and observe slowly;
  • Learn to work with energy – your own and your partner’s;
  • Perceive your beloved as an unearthly divinity;
  • Work carefully with your breath, feel every moment of intimacy, merge with your partner;
  • Give up the traditional orgasm in favor of spiritual growth, and then you will reach the highest point of bliss.

To learn the technique of tantric sex, you need to study special literature, attend tantra or asana yoga classes with your partner. Do not be scared; in some places, classes are held naked to expose your body, spirit and unite with nature completely.

Is tantric sex safe? It never happens spontaneously – you need to prepare for it, create the right atmosphere. To focus on each other, tantric sex involves intercourse in the daylight, in complete silence (or better to the sounds of nature). Before tantric sex, it is recommended to refrain from any intimate contacts for several days – this way, you will open your chakras as much as possible and awaken the energy.

How to Practice Tantric Sex?

Before you start having sex, you should feel your partner as much as possible – become one. There is an exercise for this: lie opposite each other, gaze into the eyes, and imagine how a powerful bright orange energy flow passes through the body of your beloved. After the exercise, it is recommended to give each other an erotic massage, concentrating on the partner’s feelings.

In tantric sex, it is not so much the sex itself that is important, but the concentration on each other. During intimacy, it is important to look into each other’s eyes, move smoothly and slowly, turn off the head from external thoughts, feel mind and body only here and now. Take your time, do not try to achieve orgasm, enjoy every second of intimacy, and remember that Tantra and passion are incompatible concepts.

Is tantric sex healthy? To develop sensuality and experience bliss, some exercise is recommended. One of these exercises is the Kegel exercise, aimed at increasing the tone of the intimate muscles. Both partners can perform the exercise, but it is more valuable for women.

Another useful exercise before tantric sex is tactile perception. Take a few shreds of different fabrics (fur, wool, linen, silk, cotton, etc.), close your eyes and try to determine the type of fabric by touch.

When you have correctly identified everything, ask your partner to run each piece of cloth over your body and determine its type without touching your hands. Such an exercise helps to concentrate exclusively on sensations and develops sensitivity.

Petting (superficial and deep) is considered the basis of tantric sex. Superficial petting involves caressing in clothes, and deep – without clothes, allows oral sex. You can stroke, bite, kiss each other. Another common form of sexual activity during Tantric sex is licking. It involves licking parts of the body; especially thrills can be obtained by licking the erogenous zones.


How long does tantric sex last? Tantric sex implies limitless and leisurely lovemaking but does not seek to get an orgasm, so you can choose the time yourself. A man and a woman have to get to know each other, forget about satisfaction and enjoy every second of their intimacy. It is said that during tantric sex, you can have a so-called fool-body orgasm, regardless of gender.

Have you ever practiced tantric sex? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.


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