Best Tantra Techniques for Deeper Love

4 Easy Tantra Techniques for Deeper Love

Whether you’ve been married for decades or just found your love through one of the hookup sites, you should always care about how to sustain love’s energy in your relationship.

One of the best ways to develop a deeper connection and increased intimacy with your partner is by practicing tantra. The best tantra techniques allow you to be more in tune with yourself, which can help you gain deep intimacy and connection with your partner. And as a beginner, the best way to experience tantra is by learning basic tantra techniques.

What Is the Art of Tantra?

Tantra is the art of creating deeper bonds and connections with yourself or between you and your partner. It involves an exchange of energies through tantra meditation techniques and tantra breathing techniques, among others. Here we will talk about some easy tantra techniques you can try. Read on!

4 Best Basic Tantra Techniques for Stronger Connections

1.   Nurturing Meditation

Nurturing meditation is one of the simplest yet most effective tantra techniques for fostering deeper love within a couple. This tantra meditation technique allows you to connect with your partner on at least three levels: conscious, respiratory, and skin to skin. Here’s how to do this tantra meditation technique with your partner:

  • The first step is to decide who needs the most nurturing: you or your partner. This helps determine who’s the giver and the receiver.
  • Next, both of you should lie on your left side. Assuming you’re the giver, you should snuggle in close behind your partner, lining your chakras: chest to chest, belly to belly, etc.
  • Use pillows to prop shoulders, neck, and head high enough so you can slip your left arm under your partner’s neck. You should bring your arm to rest lightly on your partner’s forehead or at the top of the head.
  • Use your right arm to cradle your partner, resting it over the heart. Then, your partner should rest their hand on top of yours.
  • As you breathe out, concentrate on sending energy out of your body into your partner’s. And your partner should concentrate on receiving the energy.
  • While in a spooning position, notice each other’s breath and start to synchronize with it. The technique also involves synchronizing your breaths together. Focus on sending energy as you exhale, and your partner should concentrate on accepting energy.

2.   Eye Gazing

Eye gazing is a powerful yet simple tantra technique that can help you become more intimate with your partner. As the window to the soul, your eyes are a strong representation of your emotions. Practicing this tantra technique with your partner allows you to see the person fully while allowing yourself to be seen.

To practice the tantra-eye gazing technique, sit in a comfortable position facing your partner. You can touch each other or hold hands if you like. To make doing this technique less uncomfortable, look into each other’s eyes by just gazing softly.

Hang on there for as long as you like while breathing deeply to foster a spiritual connection with your partner. Allow yourself to blink but try not to look away. This tantra technique lets the love you have for each other shine out through your eyes.

3.   Hand on Heart

This tantra meditation technique usually flows well after eye gazing. To perform this tantra technique with your partner, sit cross-legged as you face each other. Place your right hand on your spouse’s heart and have them place their right hand on yours.

Your left hand should be atop the hand on your own heart. With your eyes closed, tune into your heart’s physical rhythm and then the energy and emotion. Harmonize your breathing with deep, slow breaths to get the most out of this technique.

As you inhale, focus on receiving love into your heart from your partner. And as you breathe out, concentrate on sending that love out into your partner’s heart through your right arm. This easy tantra technique creates a circuit of energy and love flowing between you and your spouse.

4.   Yab-Yum

Yab-Yum is undeniably one of the most popular positions for tantra meditation and tantric sex. This tantra technique allows you to enter a state of alert awareness and get your energies and chakras connected. You can practice this technique with clothes on and still be highly effective since it’s about meditating upon energy.

Here’s how to do this tantra technique with your spouse:

  • Sit cross-legged on a pillow in an upright position. Have your partner sit on your upper thighs and cross their ankles behind your back.
  • Your arms should go around your partner’s back while their arms go around your shoulders. Your heads can touch forehead to forehead or cheek to cheek.
  • Once in position, breathe in synchronization and gaze into each other’s eyes.

This technique aligns your chakras and allows you to breathe each other’s breath, allowing for energy to move upward along the spine.


If the spark in your relationship is gone and you would like to reignite the passion and intensity you once had, then you should practice these tantra techniques. Be sure to incorporate breathing techniques no matter the Tantra technique you choose to practice. Some of the benefits of tantra breathing techniques include allowing you to free your mind, be in the present moment, and immerse yourself in the experience.

Do you know any other ways to do tantra meditation to create deeper love and connection with your partner? Let us know in the comments section.

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