The Art of Tantra

The art of tantra is a sacred world.To enter this world you need a competent guru guide. However,at first, you can feel the positive influence of some tantric practices and principles on yourself without a deep study. Although, probably, after a while you will want to dive deeper into this world when you feel the positive influence of the practices and deep spiritual liberation.

Tantra can be practiced every day. Most of the practices are designed to work with a partner, but there are also ones for independent implementation.

Tantric practices for both

The main thing is to remove constraints, clamps and unnecessary distracting thoughts. Create the right atmosphere. It is important to have a mutual desire, otherwise tantra will not give any result.

  1. Sit opposite each other and look into each other’s eyes. Enjoy the company and contemplation of your partner. Sit in this positionfor a few minutes, the more the better. Without words. The main thing is that everything happens naturally and without violence. When you feel that it is time to stop, move on to the next practice. This is a very good exercise for convergence and acceptance, as it is very important at the beginning of the practice.
  2. Greetings. The namaste gesture and bow is an important element of the greeting. This speaks of respect for the inner world of another person and readiness for pair interaction. At this moment, male and female energies are activated.

3.Transition to pair meditation. The most important thing in this process is the exchange of emotions and the sharing of the moment.

  1. Sit back to back, touching tightly. This is a powerful position that energizes each participant and pleases everyone who performs it. In this position, the rhythm of the heartbeat and breathing is transmitted, the energy fields of the partners come to harmony. Sit in this positionfor a few minutes every day to harmonize the couple’s energies.
  2. Massage with different parts of the body. Don’t be afraid to turn on your fantasy. It can be light stroking or strong stimulation. The process can take any time and can be carried out with closed eyes.
  3. A strong energetic exercise that has a beneficial effect onacceptance. The woman lies on her back, and the man gently and slowly runs his hands over all parts of her body, as if sculpting it.

There are several other effective exercises that originate from tantra and are recommended by family psychologists. These are fairly simple exercises without sexual connotation, but work very well for moving closer.

  1. The man lies on his back with his legs joined together. The woman lies on top and relaxes as much as possible, as if flowing into the man’s body. The woman’s legs are somewhat apart, lying on the sides of the man’s legs. Optionally, you can rest your head on your partner’s shoulder. In this position, you need to lie for a few minutes. Pay attention to your partner’s breathing and heartbeat, how each part of your body touches and interacts. Pay attention to the power of fusion.
  2. The same exercise, but the woman should be on the bottom, lying on her back. The man lies on top and relaxes, his legs to the sides of the woman’s legs. At first, this may seem unusual and even there may be fears about the heaviness of the partner’s weight, but in fact, discomfort should not arise, but only on condition that the man relaxes as much as possible. In this case, the weight is evenly distributed over the partner’s body. Women feel good under the weight of their partner, opening up new facets of acceptance and awakening a sense of security, which they then carry into life.
  3. Cuddle Pose. One partner lies on his side, and the second is tightly pressed against him from behind. Both should concentrate on each other’s breathing and touching. Partners also concentrate on sensations in the body that arise in the process of interaction. Lie in this position for several minutes.

Tantra philosophy for every day

The positive influence of tantra can be felt not only in pair practices and meditations. By using the philosophy of Tantric Buddhism in ordinary life, one can greatly increase the level of joy and bliss from life. What are the main secrets of this philosophy?

Be in the moment and feel every action to the fullest. When you eat – you must only eat. Focus on how you feel at every moment. Feel the texture of the fabric when changing clothes, the taste and consistency of the coffee when you drink it, the temperature of the air with your skin when you go outside.

Become aware of emotions and relive them. Meditate and do not fall for the deceptive, destructive emotions that clog our consciousness and control us. But also do not hold back the genuine, strong emotions presented to us for liberation.

Touch other people. Add as much tactile interaction as possible. Watch how your body reacts to different touches. Add as much tactile sensation to your life as possible.

Be creative. Creativity is a wonderful meditation aimed at sensations here and now, it is a way to expand the boundaries of your perception and express yourself in this world.

Practice yoga. Yoga balances our body and mind, which is necessary for spiritual freedom and freedom of thought.

Tantra is an ancient teaching given to us for knowing ourselves and this world. It is up to you to decide how and to what extent it is worth trying on these practices. You can become a part of the school, you can find a guru, you can try some elements on your own. The main thing is to be happy in this moment.


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