Guide To The Best Types of Female And Male Sex Toys

Self-stimulation is an indispensable aspect of the everyday life of both male and female adults, as it’s one of the safest ways of exploring your own body. Apart from inducing pleasure in individuals, masturbation is also known to relieve stress, release built-up sexual tension, improve sleep quality, and provide a feeling of relaxation. In men, regular self-stimulation is even believed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. 

Nevertheless, masturbation sessions tend to become monotonous over time, which is why individuals introduce sex toys to spice things up. The online market is overwhelmed by an astounding number of both female and male toys, available in various types, shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and functions. There is also a wide range of online review sites, such as Sex Toy Insights, assisting men and women in purchasing the best sex toys, based on useful product reviews.

The following guide will introduce you to the most popular variants in the market. 

Female sex toys

Although the notion of female masturbation is still considered taboo in most societies, the female sex toy industry is flourishing. The online market provides women with an extensive assortment of toys, panty vibrators and so on designed for self-pleasure or to be used with a partner. Each of these devices provides a different kind of sexual stimulation, depending on users’ phantasies and requirements. Take a detailed look at the most prominent types of female sex toys that are worth buying.


Dildos are among the favorite requisites for self-stimulation in women, available in a variety of distinct types. For instance, single-ended dildos are virtually identical in form and function to the male organ, allowing women to use them either by hand or wear them inside a harness. 

These toys are excellent for stimulating the G-spot and A-spot in users, as well as for engaging in solo sex. If you are fond of solo sex scenarios, make sure you purchase a model with a suction cup base in order to attach it to a wall and simulate sexual intercourse. 

Additionally, dildos are available to purchase in a myriad of textures and materials. Using a textured dildo is more likely to provide you with the sexual sensation you aim to achieve. Some models are designed to be veiny, others to have a wavy texture, each detail inducing a specific type of pleasure. 

Ultimately, women can opt for double-ended dildos or strapless strap-on, both of which enable users to delve deeper into sexual experimentation. The former toy is most commonly U-shaped for the purpose of double penetration, whereas the latter is designed to be used with a partner.

For instance, one of the partners wears the strap-on, while the other enjoys the power of penetration. Although strapless strap-ons are supposed to be used without a harness, the pressure on the pelvic muscles can be rather exhausting for females to handle. Go to this page to check out a useful beginner’s guide to strap-on sex.


The harness is an essential requisite for females who wish to engage in strap-on sex, which is why you’re advised to purchase one that’s tight, thus having better control over the dildo. For example, strap-on harnesses are the most adjustable models, available in a wide range of styles.  However, the thong-style models are believed to be the most comfortable for women to wear.

In addition, you can also purchase an underwear-style harness that resembles boxers. Such a harness is the perfect alternative for women that pack this toy when traveling, or who wear it underneath their clothes. In contrast, if you’re keen on BDSM role-plays, a body harness would undoubtedly be the right alternative. You can choose from a variety of chest, collar, and full-body harnesses. 


Vibrators are doubtlessly one of the most popular female sex toys, using vibrations of varying intensity to induce sexual stimulation. Women are provided with a huge assortment of both external and internal vibrators, each type specific for its features and benefits. External vibrators are used for external stimulation on the outer part of the vagina, whereas the internal ones are designed for penetration. 

When shopping for an external vibrator, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the limitless number of models, wondering which type provides the best clitoral stimulation. For example, palm vibrators are designed to fit into one’s palm and cover the entire vulva in the course of masturbation. Additionally, the jewelry vibrator is considered as a more discrete model, as you can wear it like jewelry when not masturbating. 

Moreover, panty vibrators enable hands-free sexual stimulation since these are controlled with a remote. These vibrating panties can be either controlled by yourself or by your partner, both at home and in the public. Imagine having dinner in a fancy restaurant while your partner intensifies the vibrations of your panties, challenging you to remain serious throughout the entire meal. 

Wand vibrators produce incredibly intense vibrations, but these aren’t exactly discreet for women to take them everywhere they go. These sex toys in the form of microphones can be used for clitoral stimulation, as well as stimulation of the buttocks. In contrast, bullet vibrators are no bigger than a battery, designed to resemble bullets. These vibrating toys are incredibly portable, simple to use, and extremely quiet. 

Internal vibrators, on the other hand, vary in terms of the internal stimulation you wish to achieve. For instance, G-spot vibrators are created to stimulate this body zone, which most females aren’t capable of finding on their own. Targeting this spot is essential for females to experience an intense orgasm, which can be easily done by using this kind of vibrator. The following link,, includes everything you need to know about the location of the G-spot in women and the best ways to find it. 

In case you’re fond of deeper penetration, an A-spot vibrator would be the right choice for you. This sex toy stimulates the A-spot, which is located a couple of inches deeper inside the vaginal wall. Naturally, the A-spot toys are supposed to be larger in length in order for women to reach this pleasure zone.  

Egg vibrators resemble the bullet models, only these are inserted inside the female reproductive organ. While these aren’t considered safe for anal use, the vibrating butt plugs are entirely safe for anal stimulation. 

Ultimately, rabbit vibrators provide combo pleasure, as these toys enable users to enjoy both external and internal stimulation. The longer extension of the device is supposed to be inserted inside the vagina, whereas the shorter end is used for external, clitoral pleasure. It requires minimum effort on the part of users in return for maximal pleasure.

Male sex toys

Male sex toys are gradually increasing in popularity along with people’s opinions on the use of such devices. While female sex toys are becoming more acceptable over time, the ones for male masturbation are still considered as awkward. Many men are skeptical when it comes to using such devices for self-stimulation, without even considering the myriad of benefits. The following male sex toys deserve to be given a chance. 


Fleshlights are unquestionably among the most preferred toys for sexual stimulation in men. These devices, also known as masturbators, are created in the form of a vagina, even simulating the feeling of being inside the female reproductive organ. Consequently, men consider flashlights more capable of providing them with an intense orgasm than the traditional handjob method. 

In addition, fleshlights can be purchased in a wide range of vaginal shapes and contours, some of which use the contours of popular porn stars. Anyhow, keep in mind that these sex toys require regular cleaning, particularly in users who ejaculate inside the device. It’s paramount not to skip cleaning after each use of the fleshlight in order to prevent bacterial infection. 


Apart from fleshlights, C-rings have also become a popular masturbating requisite in men. These devices, designed in the form or a ring, can be used both for solo play and to spice up the sex life of couples. The C-ring is supposed to be secured at the base of the penis so as to prevent blood from flowing through the organ. As a result, males are capable of postponing ejaculation and improving their erection. 

Moreover, when using a C-ring during sexual intercourse, your partner can also benefit from the experience. Make sure you purchase a vibrating cock ring that will stimulate the clitoris of your partner in the course of penetration. However, using such a toy for longer than half an hour can be detrimental to the male organ, as it eventually restricts the entire blood flow.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are created for the same purpose as C-rings, only these sex toys are also capable of temporarily extending the size of the male organ. The user is supposed to insert his organ inside the tube and use the handle to start pumping. 

By preventing airflow, these pumps assist the creating of a vacuum, which causes more blood to flow to the base of the penis. Once the user takes the pump out, he can use the improved erection to provide better stimulation for his partner. Keep in mind that these devices are also used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, instead of prescribing drug therapies. 

Penis extenders

Penis extenders, as their name implies, are created for the purpose of extending the male reproductive organ. This device imitates the look of an actual penis in order to be worn over it during sexual intercourse. By wearing such a sleeve, men are capable of reaching the deepest pleasure areas in women, such as the G-spot and the A-spot. 

Additionally, there is a wide assortment of penis extenders for users to choose from, both plain and textured. The plain ones are predominantly used, while the latter are equipped with unique textures to provide better internal stimulation. Some models are even specially produced to stimulate the G-spot in women with the assistance of a curved tip. 

Prostate massagers

Anal sex toys aren’t exactly popular among men, which is why these are the least commonly used male masturbating requisites. For instance, prostate massagers assist men in reaching an orgasm that has nothing to do with penis stimulation. The role of these massagers is to reach the prostate gland and induce an intense orgasmic experience, which most men aren’t even aware it’s possible. 

Depending on the exact location of the prostate, the prostate massagers come in a variety of sizes, both non-vibrating and vibrating.  If you aren’t appealed by the idea of using such as massager, you can always choose another toy, such as anal beads, plugs, vibrators, or dildos.

Final word

Masturbation provides a myriad of health benefits.

Make sure you purchase a toy and use it either by yourself or with a partner!

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