The 3rd Chakra – Manipura!

The whole universe consists of energy, and your body is not immune to these energies. Many years ago, before the invention of modern science and technology, ancient principles were aware of this energy and that any living things, particularly human beings, carry a life force within them. The centres of these life energies are known as the 7 chakras.

So, what do the 7 chakras mean?

The term chakra is derived from an old Sanskrit word, which means the wheel. The reason for this is because the Prana or simply the life force that is within and outside the body is always rotating and spinning. The spinning energies in your body have the 7 centres starting at your spine base and moving upward to your head top. The 7 chakras are responsible for providing balanced energy in a healthy person to every body part, spirit, and mind. It, therefore, means in case one of these 7 chakras either spins too faster, moves slower than the others, or is blocked by other energies, individual health is still compromised.

By understanding how the 7 chakras operate, you will be in a better position to tune your energies with those from natural energy. Let us discuss the 3rd chakra.

The 3rd chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura.

The 3rd chakra is the Manipura or is the Solar Plexus, which is a translation for “lustrous gem. “It is where every person has their self –confidence, the birthplace of all personal power and identity. For instance, you have been in a situation, but you feel you shouldn’t be at that particular place since it isn’t right for you. Where did these cues originate from in your body?

It is common to hear most people felt these cues around their “gut.” It is the real seat of your solar plexus, persona power, and you can physically feel that wisdom and confidence in its location.

The 3rd chakra –Solar Plexus is Yellow. It is location originated from the button of your belly and extended all the way to the breastbone or the two rib sets that connect in your chest centre. How does it fell to have a balanced 3rd chakra? People with a balanced Manipura will experience a great sense of personal power, decisiveness, and wisdom. This chakra is referred by many as the warrior, mainly due to the immense feeling of understanding just like a wise warrior heading into a battle. You can as well join our Free Master class organised by the best energy healers. For instance, Anodea Judith believes he is confident enough to win the battles a person could be struggling with as well as the wisdom to identify the personal truth of an individual accurately.

When and how to identify an overactive 3rd chakra.

The solar plexus chakra energy can influence other people’s lives, and when this power we have over our individual lives impacts the lives of other peoples, then it is described as being overactive. For instance, when the chakra is over-energised, a person may be prone to quick anger, the need to micromanage and control their individual’s greediness, and a total lack of empathy or compassion. There is also a high chance of suffering from minor to significant digestive problems as well as imbalances with your internal organs such as the kidney, liver, and pancreas.

So, how can you balance your 3rd chakra?

One of the most effective ways of balancing your 3rd chakra is regularly practising to freely speak out your heart with a great deal of love and compassion. Meditate periodically on giving a great deal of kindness and love from your heart to those surrounding you. Refocus the high power to understanding and passion so that you feel you are a real love beacon.

When is chakra said to be under active?

It is the opposite of the above experience. When an individual personal power leaves us or taken us by other persons or through extenuating circumstances, a person may be left with a little Solar Plexus, which results in the feeling of insecure, timid, indecisive, and needy.

So, how can you re-energise your Solar Plexus?

Energising your Solar Plexus requires a great deal of focusing on things that you are good at (positive energy) rather than your weakness (negative strength). Some of the things you can focus on include your abilities and talents, establishing your unique personal affirmations, and you can your stomach vibrate and tingle regularly.

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