Is Tantric Yoga the Ticket to Nine-Hour Orgasms?

The Connection between Tantric Yoga and Nine-Hour Orgasms

Yoga for sex!

Tantric yoga is one of the best ways for couples to spice up sex. It is a type of yoga with roots from India often associated with tantric sex, a spiritual kind of sex. For those couples wondering what are ways to spice up the bedroom, this is an excellent way to start.

Orgasm is, for most people, a taboo topic of discussion. Ask anybody where to get a 1500 payday loan, and you’ll get some quick responses, but ask them how to get mind-blowing orgasms, and you will unlikely get an accurate answer. We barely talk about it; hence little is known on this sensitive topic. Most types of orgasms aren’t actually sex-related. Orgasms have many advantages, the main one being achieving your sexual desires.

This article will give you new sex ideas to spice up your love life and help shed more light on orgasms. Learn how to spice up sex during quarantine with tantric yoga.

Guideline to Tantric Yoga

Silence Your Mind

This exercise is purposed to silence your mind

This exercise is intended to silence your mind. If you’re a couple looking for ways to spice up sex, tantric yoga is your best bet. For this exercise to be completely efficient, you should be entirely in the moment. Empty your mind of all thoughts. Peace of mind is vital for having an orgasm. Spice it up!

Be At One with Silence

Conventional tantric yoga is done in silence

Conventional tantric yoga is done in silence. Spice up sex by being okay with silence when having sex. To spice up sex in your relationship, don’t rush to fill in the silence.

Don’t Focus on Flexibility or Fitness

Regular practice is intended to help you to relax completely. To spice up sex with your partner, you have to be completely relaxed and released from body stress. When having sex, you have to be relaxed if you want to get an orgasm.

Embrace the Pleasure You Desire

New ideas to spice up your love and sex life are healthy for a relationship. Discuss it with your partner, even though conversations can be awkward. Tantric yoga expresses that pleasure should come from every little thing in life, including sex. Embrace the pleasure you desire and let your partner know about it to spice up sex in your relationship. Conversations like this are the little things that spice up the bedroom.

Forge Your Own Way


To spice up sex in your relationship, follow what you want

One of the key lessons of tantric yoga is to help us get the strength inside us and use it to forge our own ways.

To spice up sex in your relationship, follow what you want and forget about those little fears. Being completely confident in what you want sexually is a plus to spice up sex and a step toward orgasm.

Types of Tantric Orgasms

1. The Gräfenberg Spot Orgasm

A G-spot is a sensual space on the walls of the vagina, and it is a space that feels great when stimulated during sex or sexual activity.

2. Clitoral Orgasm

Many individuals just know stimulation of the clitoris as the only orgasm they can have. The reality is clitoral orgasms are just a gateway to the different sorts of orgasms that you and your partner should explore to spice up sex.

3. Nip-asm

Playing with the nipples initiates a similar nerve cortex as genital stimulation and clitoral; it can be a spot for orgasmic pleasure if you hope to spice up sex with your lady.

4. Orgasm of the Vagina

Revolves around the cervix, and it’s an all-out, full speed ahead orgasm. This orgasm is powerful, and its effect is felt in the heart.

5. Mind Orgasm

The orgasm of the mind involves multiple waves of orgasmic feeling. Tantric techniques go beyond one speedy orgasm. Whenever you understand how your body and mind work and coordinate them together to achieve pleasure, you’ll be able to achieve a mind orgasm at any given time.

6. Multiple Orgasms

Tantra isn’t about having one major orgasm and nothing more. You can help yourself achieve numerous orgasms, and in tantric sex, even men can have various orgasms.

Benefits of Orgasms

When stress accumulates in the body and isn’t channeled out, the mind and body deteriorate in health. Orgasms facilitate a healthy balance in emotional and physical health.

Spice things up with your partner. Orgasms provide extreme pleasure, reducing stress levels and improving immunity too, so when you spice things up sexually, you also spice up your partner’s health.


You might have started to read this article not knowing what tantric yoga is, but now, as you already know how to spice up sex drive, you can spice up sex with your partner and enjoy your love life. You now have a deeper understanding of orgasms and how to achieve them through tantric yoga. Go spice up your sex life, go spice up your friend’s sex life by sharing this information, start the conversation. You must be wondering if you’re guaranteed to achieve your desired 9-hour orgasm after practicing tantric yoga. Well, the answer is easy – try it!

Be sure to send your questions, share experiences, and leave comments about the beauty of tantric yoga.

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