Tantric Yoga: Benefits and How to Practice

Top FAQs About Tantric Yoga:

What It Is, Benefits, How to Practice

For many people, tantric yoga definition is not complete without referencing sex. However, this is not the core concept of tantric yoga as it focuses on pleasure from many other things apart from sex. Think of it like a pie. Sex would be a small slice of the tantric pie. But thanks to some Western interpretations, this type of yoga has seemed to lean more towards sexier, bedroom-based moves. When you connect with your body, you will not need expensive sex toys to achieve arousal. Instead, you can use that 500 dollar loan on something else.

What is Tantric Yoga?

So, what exactly does tantric yoga mean? At the core, tantric yoga is about establishing a connection between your own energy and your body to better understand yourself. While some of its energy is sexual, most of it is not. Throughout the evolution of tantric yoga, it has maintained its mantra, which is about a practice of personal liberation. The technique allows you to exploit the energy and dive deeper into yourself to experience enlightenment.

From this understanding, you could be asking how tantric yoga exercises are connected to yoga. By definition, yoga is about oneness and things that connect you to yourself. Because tantric yoga helps you become aware of yourself, it can be classified as a type of yoga. It weaves together meditative practices and logic to help you achieve a deeper understanding of yourself.

Tantra yoga includes:

  •   Meditation
  •   Yoga poses
  •   Breath work
  •   Chanting
  •   Chakra work

Tantric Yoga vs. Tantric Sex

Before you embrace tantric yoga classes online, it helps to learn how it differs from tantric sex. Tantra exists in two categories, red and white. Red tantra relates to sex, while white tantra is one you practice following a blend of yoga and meditation. Through tantric sex, you aim to get it on instead of driving yourself to the orgasm. You move sexual energy throughout your body for enlightenment, transformation, and healing. It’s possible to achieve similar results in tantric yoga, but this does not involve sex. You can make yourself a better lover by embracing tantric yoga meditation. It’s also a good tool for people who want to overcome porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

Benefits of Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga is a great way to work out the body, but it offers incredible benefits for spiritual liberation. It’s not about toning your body or working out. It helps you be purposeful with your embodiment, breath, and making love with your body. Experts say practicing tantric yoga regularly can give you the following benefits:

  •   A better understanding of yourself
  •   Improved sleep quality
  •   Reduced stress, depression, or anxiety
  •   Boosted confidence and bedroom performance
  •   Improved capacity for intimacy
  •   Improved quality of life

Tantric Yoga Poses You Should Practice

  1. Chair Pose

The chair pose focuses on building heat within your core to improve your breathing. To do this pose:

  •   Stand with feet hip-width apart
  •   Move your arms overhead and inhale
  •   Exhale while drawing your navel toward the spine
  •   Bend knees and move back as if you’re sitting on a chair
  •   In this position, take 2 to 5 breaths while keeping all weight on your heels
  •   Return to your standing position
  •   Repeat 5 – 7 times
  1. Corpse Pose

This pose gives you incredible relaxation and a deep connection with yourself. To do the pose:

  •   Lie on a mat with your back
  •   Spread your legs with your feet falling to the sides
  •   Place your arms alongside your body
  •   Tuck shoulder blades to get more back support
  •   Relax, then take a deep breath
  •   Maintain this position for about 5 minutes
  1. Half Boat Pose

This is a challenging workout that you could use to boost your confidence and achieve feelings of self-worth. To do the pose:

  •   Lie on your back and keep your legs straight
  •   Press the shins together
  •   Lift heels about six inches off the ground
  •   While engaging your core, draw the tailbone towards your heels
  •   Hold this position for about two breaths
  •   Move your left knee toward the chest
  •   Hold the position for about two breaths
  •   Switch sides and repeat the sequence.


This is one of the best forms of yoga as there are no major tantric yoga side effects. You can do it alone or with a lover, friend, or someone you can trust. There are many online classes you can use to get started practicing tantric yoga the right way. Because it’s a personal experience, you can customize sessions to match your needs. If you want to join a team for the session, there are community classes you can explore that will help you to learn all about tantric yoga.

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why? Leave a comment below. 


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