Root Chakra For the Novice

Muladhara is the Sanskrit for the 1st chakra commonly known as the Root Chakra.   The root chakra is situated at the base of your spine traveling upwards to just below the belly button and is identified predominately with the color red – although some also say black or grey contain the root chakra energies.  The 1st Chakra energy is said to be contained with the following gem stones –

Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Gamet, Hematite, Onyx, Pyrite, Rhodoschrosite, Red Zincite, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Ruby and smoky quartz.  These stones can be used for protection grounding, stability, physical energy, Will power and security.

Muladhara when broken down is Mula which means root and Dhara which means support.  As the name suggests this chakra’s purpose is to ground and individual to all the energies of the Earth and when meditating or doing chakra exercises it is called grounding.   In days gone by the energies role was to provide an individual with all things that are needed to survive.  In modern times this can be translated to providing emotional and financial stability.

A balanced first chakra will when thinking of things like safety, shelter of finances provide a sense of peace and accomplishment and like all balanced chakras allow you to feel connected to the human experience.



The first chakra is one of the most used in our modern day living so can often become overactive and this will cause stress, the jitters and anxiety.  Our primal instinct is to survive and an out of balance root chakra will create fear – this fear is a warning to us and is often referred to as the fight or flight instinct and has kept us alive since man first walked the earth.

An overactive 1st chakra can cause lower back issues, hip pain, and digestive problems – ovarian cysts in women and prostate problems in men.



Many younger people these days suffer from an underactive 1st chakra.  This is because their safety, shelter and finances have all been taken care of so the necessity for this chakra’s energies have not been required.  The fight or flight syndrome has not been activated.

An underactive root chakra will cause troubles in concentrating, daydreaming, forgetfulness and laziness.  Although not as serious as an overactive root chakra it is important that it is balanced to allow connectedness.



Once you have taken care of your basic survival needs, acts of kindness to others can slow down an overactive root chakra, as can paying attention with your connection to the spirit.  Daily exercises in prayer and meditation will bring compassion for yourself and others and will guide the over activity from your root chakra to other energy wheels in your body.

Becoming reconnected with the earth will speed up an underactive root chakra.  Go outside and do some gardening, walk barefoot on the grass, play in the leaves in autumn or swim on the beach.  Connecting and being a part of the natural world is the easiest way to rev up the 1st Chakra.


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