How to increase the size of your penis without a scalpel

Medical statistics say that some non-surgical methods to increase the size of your penis are more effective than surgical ones, which can only cause anger and frustration of the patient.

According to the results of a special study published this week in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, surgical methods of male genital enlargement are very unsafe and are fraught with “unacceptably high likelihood of various complications.” At the same time, the number of men who turn to urologists with complaints about a “short penis” is constantly increasing, the authors of the article state, but in most such cases, the length of their penis is absolutely normal from the point of view of physiology. Men, according to doctors, have a clearly exaggerated idea of ​​how long their penis should be.

  • From a scientific point of view, the length of the penis is considered normal if it is at least 4 cm in the calm state of this organ and at least 7.5 cm in the tense state.
  • Some adjustments to this rate can be made by a man’s height and body mass index, which may indicate deviations between a person’s weight and his constitution.


But, as the queues in urology offices show, not everyone agrees with this point of view. A man with a small penis, whom the urologist refused to refer to a surgeon, can only rely on non-surgical methods of penis lengthening, which, if you look in your mailbox intended for spam, are very actively advertised on the Internet.

To find out how effective and safe various penis enlargement techniques are, University of Turin researchers Marco Orderra and Paolo Gontera analyzed data from scientific medical periodicals. In total, they found ten studies of these specific techniques. It turned out that the most effective non-invasive method for enlarging the male penis is the stretching method. So, in one case, it was possible to achieve a stable lengthening of the penis by 1.8 cm, in the other – by 2.3 cm in a calm state and by 1.7 in an erect state.

However, the effort spent on achieving these results has proven to be simply titanic. In the first case, the patient had to wear a special stretcher for 6 hours a day for four months, in the second for four hours, but for half a year.

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Another penis enlargement device is a vacuum pump that creates a zone of reduced pressure around the penis. In principle, this is the same as stretching, only not purely mechanical, but vacuum.

Six months of use of the pump did not give noticeable increments in the size of male members, but some patients who took this course showed “something like psychological satisfaction,” the doctors said.

In two cases, the effect of the so-called “scrotal rings” – rings of hard or flexible material, covering the area of ​​the base of the penis and the scrotum, was investigated. Such rings “can increase the length of an erect penis and maintain an erection if a man is under stress,” the scientists summarize.

There is no confirmed data on the effectiveness of widely advertised “penis enlargement exercises”, according to Orders and Gontera. In addition, the existing techniques to increase the length of the penis do not increase its thickness at all.

Lubricants, lubricants to improve sex life

Types of formulations that are sold:

  • quick action – you need to use immediately before sex, so that the erection is stronger and more powerful, the penis itself looks larger from this, but in fact remains the same;
  • warming up – normalize blood flow, help fight stagnation of blood, warm up the penis, can be used for jelqing and when wearing an extender as an aid.
  • Read the ingredients before using the lubricant. Sometimes there is an allergy, there is an individual intolerance to the components.

But adverts for gels that promise violent sex all night long and penis enlargement without effort is not worth believing. So far, there are no “magic” ointments that are enough to rub into the skin of the penis, so that it grows by itself.

Tablets, dietary supplements, hormones

The main thing to remember: not a single medicine, not a single dietary supplement will make an organ bigger. It is better not to self-medicate at all and to take medications only as directed by a doctor, even dietary supplements.

This does not mean that medications and supplements are generally useless. They are capable, for example:

  • normalize blood flow, overcome congestion, improve blood supply to the penis;
  • supply the body with vitamins and minerals so that there are no problems with erection and sex in general;
  • to help the prevention, treatment of male diseases, due to which, among other things, there are problems in sex life.

In all cases, you need to carefully read the instructions: what about the dosage, contraindications, side effects.


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