The Heart Chakra

If you have taken meditation or yoga classes you perhaps must have heard about the seven chakras. But, chances are you do not know what these seven chakras exactly are and how you can work with them. Chakras are basically energy centers in our subtle bodies. They manage the flow of energy or prana throughout our bodies. Beginning at the spine’s base and working right up to the crown of our head, the chakras are known to have an influence on our well being and health.Since each of the seven chakras is interrelated if you balance even one of them, the others too will experience a change. If you desire to open yourself to the emotion of love and nurture the emotional bond that you share with others then you must focus on your heart chakra.

The Fourth Chakra – Heart – Anahata

Situated right at the center of the chest, Anahata or the heart chakra is the fourth chakra. Anahata is a Sanskrit name and it means ‘beaten’ or n’truck’. It implies that beneath your past experiences that have hurt you is a place of strength and purity. The heart chakra is where your kindness, compassion, and love get empowered. This chakra’s energy begins in the middle and expands throughout your chest. Anahata connects the upper and the lower chakras and acts as a bridge between the higher aspirations and earthly matters. This chakra represents your ability to love in an unconditional way.

As a unifying and healing chakra, it brings wholeness and believes love to be the ultimate healing energy. This helps you lead your life with compassion and kindness towards yourself and others as well.

Heart Chakra Color – Though most of you feel that the fourth chakra is pink in color but it actually is green. Green is composed of yellow and blue in equal parts. It is the color of love and is present at the center of your being.

Heart Chakra Imbalance – When your fourth chakra is balanced you will feel love for others and for yourself as well. Even if the situations are tough you still will be able to see kindness and compassion in everyone. However, if this chakra is imbalanced – overactive or underactive – then things change.

What Happens When This Chakra Is Overactive? – When the fourth chakra is overactive you will not be able to control your emotions. Be it positive or negative emotions you will be overwhelmed by them. You will lose your understanding of making healthy choices, and start making wrong decisions, and all this in the name of love. You perhaps know that you must treat yourself with the same love and kindness that you offer others. But, when your fourth chakra is overactive, you may start giving more priority to the needs of others than of yourself.

How Can You Balance Your Fourth Chakra? – Balancing your heart chakra is not as difficult as it seems. You need to start giving yourself the love that you have been only showering on others until now. And to do so you can –

•Mediate and start sending compassion to your own-self.

•Go for a nice rejuvenating massage.

•Enjoy a relaxing bath.

What Happens When This Chakra Is Under-active? – Having an under-active fourth chakra is quite a common problem. Many a time we experience heartbreaks and they are basically lessons that life wants us to learn about the world and also ourselves. However, many of us take these lessons personally. When your fourth chakra is under-active it will become difficult for you to get close to anyone. You start building boundaries around your heart so that no one gets a chance to come in. Physical ailments that you may suffer from include asthma, apnea, allergies, and any issue related to the lungs or heart.

How Can You Energize Your Heart Chakra? – You will need to do a bit of hard work to energize your fourth chakra.  You know you have invested a lot in building up the wall around you, and breaking it will not be very easy either. But, you can do it, and to do so the first thing is to take really good care and start loving yourself.

Appreciate yourself for everything you do and love yourself the way you want others to. Now, spread the compassion to everyone around.

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