Try Nude Yoga Today & Experience the Change!

In the midst of highly occupied work schedules and tiring lives, we often tend to ignore our health and our bodily needs. More than often, we do not even prioritise indulging in activities which would allow our bodies to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

The whole of the populace is aware of Yoga in general. However, a large portion of them are still oblivious to “Nude Yoga”.

What is “Nude Yoga” Basically?

While the term is rather self-explanatory, people may find it hard to believe. Yes it is true, you have to shed off your clothing and perform Yoga.

It is not some taboo activity that has sprung up from some unconventional hippie culture. In fact, it is gaining acceptance and is being practiced by plenty of individuals (mostly females) owing to the benefits it offers.

Many organisations like the Rosie Rees dedicated to fitness are now offering Nude Yoga classes, to cater to the increasing demand.

How Can Nude Yoga Change Your Life?

Nudge Yoga boasts of the same benefits that regular Yoga does. However, practicing Nude Yoga will bring some sort of transitions in your life, which you will not experience with regular Yoga:


  • It Will Give You Newfound Confidence in Yourself


We are all so consumed by wanting to look better when we step outside, that we forget that in the end a majority of us are sharing the same imperfect body type. 

The bodies we drool over in all those advertisements and commercials do not portray the common person’s body. In actuality, some of us have sagging boobs or belly fat or stretch marks and pimples.

Once we accept that ‘perfection’ is a lie projected by mainstream culture, we start to accept ourselves for who we are which makes us much more confident.


  • It Will Bring You One-Step Closer to Body Acceptance


Many of us suffer from body dysmoprhia and hate our bodies for being imperfect. Nude Yoga helps us embrace our body in its truest form and allows us to focus on the more important activity; nourishing the body instead.


Nude Yoga in class helps even more, because you realise that none of are perfect and have imperfect bodies.



  • It Will Provide You With A Sense of Empowerment


Once you shed off your clothes and focus primarily on practicing yoga, you are able to block out all the irritating thoughts such as the strap of your bra falling off its place etc. 

No matter how comfy your clothes are, they tend to provide some hindrance during exercise. When you rid yourself of all the clothing, you can better concentrate on your body and the rejuvenation it requires.

When you start concentrating on nourishing your body, you feel empowered. If you are enrolled in a Nude Yoga class, you will feel even more empowered and liberated because you will realise that at the end of the day, we are all same one way or the other.

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