Yoga For Sex

That’s right, yoga is a great addition to your routine to limber you up, settle your mind and assist you in being more present in the bedroom.

Yoga is amazing for increasing your blood flow and awareness of your body.  Increased blood flow around your body flushes out toxins and increases strength and stamina to your muscles which can especially come in handy for the more athletic stamina pushing sessions between the sheets (or car or lounge-your pick)

Yoga has been known to ultimately engage your core and pelvic floor for men and women alike. engaging your pelvic floor will assist with erections and ejaculation, as well as tightening the walls of your vagina and may increase the feeling of orgasms.

Not only can Yoga be a great exercise to practice and work on your flexibility, but some positions also work for sex too. I will be sure to point them out below.

Cat/Cow sequence.

Begin on all fours, curve your back up to the sky and touch your chin to your chest. Breathe. Now lift your head to the sky and curve your spine so your tummy faces the floor. breathe. Repeat five times. This little beauty is great for freeing up your spine, elongating it to make any and all positions more comfortable and decreases chances for injury. *Hint these are two great positions for penetrative sex.


Garland Pose

Starting with your feet shoulder width apart, knees apart, squat down, bringing your ass near the floor. grasping your hands together in front of you, use your elbows to gently push your knees further out. relax into the position. Breathe. For beginners, you may only be able to hold this pose for a few seconds, but keep practicing, you will be able to stay longer and longer. Garland poses are brilliant for opening up your hips. Opening up your hips helps increase flexibility and makes certain positions more comfortable, and thrusts more powerful.


Downward facing Dog.
Start standing up. place your hands on the floor and walk your hands out until your body forms an upside down V. relax into the stretch. try placing your heels to the floor, lifting them up and placing them down again. push your shoulders down and feel the stretch between your blades. here we are lengthening the spine, the hamstrings and the shoulders.  *Hint another wonderful position for penetration, but also would you believe Oral sex! spice it up and try mutual oral sex in downward facing dog (69)


Plow Pose
begin on your back. using your hands (or a second pair of hands) lift your hips and legs up into the air so that your weight is on your upper back and shoulders. breathe. Relax your spine and legs and curve your legs down over your body so that your toes touch the ground above your head. Again, you may only hold this position for a few seconds to begin with, but with practice you can rest like this for longer. This wonderful spine strengthening pose engages your core, your pelvic floor, lengthen and strengthens your spine and pumps blood to your brain and your pelvic region. This is a great position for flexibility and penetrative sex, either the woman can be bottom, with this position positioning you with good reach to your g spot. For men, you can be the bottom and try the chair position, bringing your penis forward stimulated blood and your balls during sex and creates new sensations. (definitely stretch before trying this one)


Frog pose
begin on all fours. gently sink down and let your knees slide out so that your hips are open and your knees gradually sink to open your body. for beginners, gently pulse and stretch those muscles as you sink lower and lower to the floor. opening the hips increases comfort during sex and different positions, limits injuries and opens your pelvic floor wider for insertion or for thrusting. * try this as the “penetrated”for a deeper penetration and access to the G spot and back of the internal clitoris, or try this as the “penetrator” with your partner lying beneath you on their tummy for a deeper angle.


Bridge Pose.
Lie on your back and end your knees, feet flat on the floor. pushing your weight through your heels, lift your ass and hips upwards towards the sky. Either hold here or pulse, or try repeating the action, lifting your hips up and down. This magical pose strengthens those pelvic floor muscles we discussed earlier that help keep things tight, strengthen erections, powers thrusts and tilts your hips for deeper angles.


Child’s Pose.
This soothing position is great for before as well but mainly as a great relaxing position for after a long or strenuous session. Child’s pose relaxes your muscles, calms the mind and is a wonderful state of being for “after care”
Sit on your knees. curl forward so that your forehead touches the floor, extend your arms out above your head to rest on the floor or keep them tucked beside your body. This position helps you feel safe, small and protected.

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