Taoism and Confusisim share common beliefs about man, society, and the universe

Chiness philosophy three teachings refers to Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism when considered as a harmonious aggregate

Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism are the three most prominent religions that you can find within China. When you deep dive and take a look at the facts, you will figure out that Taoism has created a massive influence on Confucianism. These two philosophies have lived in China for more than 2,000 years.

Taoism mainly focuses on the idea of searching for meaning of something. On the other hand, Confusisism is dealing with social matters. However, both of them share the common beliefs about society, human beings and the university that we live in. Both these originated as philosophies, but later they took a religious overtone.


Both Taoism and Confusisism originated during the 6th Century BCE. It was Lao Tzu who came up with the Taoism philosophy, whereas Confucius came up with Confusisism. They existed throughout the dynastic China simultaneously. They were also able to attract a large number of followers throughout the past 2,500 years.

Taoism is the first philosophy out of these two to originate. As per the principles of Taoism, the entire universe as well as everything that can be found in it flow along with an unknowable and mysterious force that is named as Tao. Tao refers to “The Way” in English. It has got many different meanings as well. However, we can believe that the name of Taoism refers to ultimate reality. That’s because it focuses more on the powers that are responsible for driving the universe.

Taoists who live in China and other parts of the world strongly believe that everything that they can find is one, regardless of their appearances. Taoism was a folk religion back in the day. However, it received a lot of attention when the China accepted following Taoism as the state religion back in the year 440CE.

Confucianism originated after Taoism. In fact, it was created by the philosopher called Confucius. He was a musician, politician and a philosopher. Confusisism originated in the year 551BCE. The originator of Confusisism wandered around China. He did it initially as a government employee. However, he then became a political advisor.


Primary objective of Confusisism is to learn how to be human. As per the teachings of Confucius, every single person who lives out there in the world should act along with virtue within all the social matters, which include family, social matters, state, community and the kingdom.

Now you have a basic understanding about what Taoism and Confucianism is. With that in mind, we can see how Taoism has created an impact on Confusisism. Back in the day, Lao-Tzu and Confucius met in order to have a discussion about the imperial archives. During this meetup, Lao Tzu was not impressed by all the beautiful robes that Confucius wore. On the other hand, he didn’t agree with what Confucius to take a look back into the past. That’s where he influenced Confucianism to put away all the polite airs and then allow the vain display of fine robes. Along with that, Taoism also influenced Confucianism and implemented the idea that a wise man doesn’t display the treasures that he has to another party that he doesn’t know. Taoism also influenced the fact that a wise man cannot learn justice out of the ancients.

As of now, both Taoism and Confusisism have served as guides. In fact, they have led China throughout history, across peaks and valleys. You can even call them as the longest continuing story that can be found on the planet as well.