Changing My Diet Made My Sex Life Better!

Have you ever noticed that when you stop eating heavy carbs and junk for a few days, your sex drive boosts? Have you ever been out to dinner, had 5-6 oysters then as soon as you got in the car to go home you’re ready to rip your partner’s clothes off? When you consciously aim to drink your 4 Litres of water, you will realise the next day how strong your morning glory is! People underestimate foods ability to help out our performance in the bedroom (or sexual location of choice… loves a car quicky). Making small and conscious changes to our diet can drastically improve not only our overall health but our performance in the bedroom. I am going to outline a few tips and strategies that I use to keep me fit and sexually healthy so I can perform like I just signed my PornHub contract.

This may be just the thing to save your mid-life relationship crisis.


  • The importance of water: Considering that humans are made up of 73% water, this is one of the crucial elements to improving our sexlife. Who knew that by increasing our water intake from just 2-3 600ml bottles to 6-7 600ml bottles, we can drastically increase our sex life. Why? Well there are a few reasons for this! 1. Your body needs water to function (derrrrrr), being hydrated is one of the most important things to do daily. Your mood and emotions can fall off if you don’t constantly re-hydrate which will lead to fatigue and a lack of sexual interest due to exhaustion. 2. Drinking your recommended daily amount of water allows for your blood to flow through your body more smoothly, thus allowing it to get to your vital organs (Let’s be real, our penis is our vital organ… who really needs a heart?) more efficiently.


  • Eat fish 2 times per week: Fish has been known to improve your sexual functions and libido. Omega-3s help prevent the buildup of plaque in your arteries, thus improving blood flow throughout your body. This helps with strengthening your erections. I have a fresh grilled salmon and a serving of tuna twice per week to really mix up my diet.


  • Daily Maca Smoothie: Maca is a ground root plant that originated from Peru and has been found to be extremely effective for increasing Libido for both Men and Women. Other benefits include increased energy levels, stabilisation of moods, improving learning and memory, and studies have shown it has a strong effect on improving erectile dysfunction. I simply include it in my green smoothie every single morning. I have noticed that ever since I added Maca into my smoothies, I don’t have a 3-4pm afternoon energy crash and to put it very bluntly, I am way more hornier.


  • Minimise your carb intake: Everyone loves pasta, and pizza, and garlic bread, and hot chips, and anything that is definitely not good for your body. Humans love what they can’t have, simple. So our love for carbs can definitely affect our downstairs and our overall sexual mood. I cut out carbs and only ate them 3 times a week (brown rice). By doing this, within the first week my sex life dramatically improved. Because I was eating much less bulkier meals, not only did I feel better internally, but my body could really notice the energy boost through my aura and my overall energy levels. I felt more agile and sexually prowl!


  • Increase your greens: Having my green smoothies every morning for the last 3 weeks has been one of the best things I have ever implemented ever, in my life, like ever ever until I win the $100 million lotto (coming soon). I have spinach, kale, avocado, blueberry, maca powder, celery, and banana smoothie every single morning after I go to the gym. I noticed that I didn’t really eat that much vegetables and to be honest, I was too lazy to cook more so I thought I’ll just go out and buy a Nutribullet and blend it and drink it in the morning. What a difference this has made to my sex life as well. By increasing my fruit and veg intake daily, I have really noticed the difference in all areas of my life!


To improve your diet really takes a conscious effort and means you have to be aware of everything you are intaking into your body. This isn’t limited to food but overall energy as well. Don’t let junk food, or negative energy hold you back from living the best sexual life you can possibly live.


The final and ultimate benefit of improving your diet, is cooking healthy and different recipes with your partner. Spend time in the kitchen together, tasting, touching and experimenting with different foods. Use the time to really bond. This quality time will improve your sex life dramatically because you are spending quality to time to nourish your body which in turn will nourish your relationship.

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