All You Need To Know About The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the seventh Chakra. It also goes by the Sanskrit name Sahaswara, which when translated to English means ‘thousand-petaled’. The Crown Chakra is essentially your life source; it emanates from the top of your head and connects your individual consciousness with the consciousness of the entire universe. Cosmic consciousness is what connects us with every living being, as it is the unseen but powerful essence of who we all are.

Each Chakra has its own specific color.  The ancient Hindus have historically associated the Crown Chakra the colors white and violet, derived from its symbolism with the Violet Crocus. In the Hindu religion, the Sahaswara is portrayed as a many-petaled lotus flower consisting of 1000 different colored petals that are arranged in 20 layers with 50 petals in each.

A Balanced Crown Chakra. To have a truly balanced Crown Chakra is extremely rare. A person with a fully opened Crown Chakra is the equivalent to someone who is enlightened according to the Buddhism tradition.  Someone with a fully activated Crown Chakra would be entirely at peace and no longer experience fear, anger, or further suffering of any kind. A balanced Crown Chakrah brings open-mindedness and a non judgmental, empathetic attitude toward others.

Some people have more open Crown Chakras than others, so how do you know when someone has a imbalanced chakra?

Signs and Symptoms of a Blocked Crown Chakra

Symptoms of an unbalanced Crown Chakra include:

Gloominess and depression

Migraines or headaches

Mental illnesses that involve delusions such as schizophrenia

Loneliness and a feeling of isolation

Chronic exhaustion

Feeling lost in life

Close mindedness to new ideas or concepts

Disbelief in spirituality

Judgement and a lack of empathy others, especially those who are different

An inflated sense of self-importance

Is It Possible To Have A Crown Chakra That Is Too Open?

It is not possible to have a Crown Chakra that is oo’ balanced. On the contrary, almost everybody’s Crown Chakra is too closed.

How To Activate Your Crown Chakra

Fortunately, there are several ways you can balance your Crown Chakra if you exhibit any of the symptoms associated with imbalance. Healing your Crown Chakra will lead you to a far more peaceful and spiritual life.

Carry Crystals Associated With The Crown Chakra – There are various crystals that can help you open each of your Chakras. For the Crown Chakra, Amethyst, Moonstone, and Quartz Crystals align energetically with this Chakra and help eliminate associated blocks.   You can simply carry one or more of these crystals in your pocket or as a part of some jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet.

Practice Empathy and Non-judgement – If you find yourself judging someone or looking down on them, catch yourself and turn to empathy instead. Judgement and ego stem from insecurity, whereas love and acceptance for yourself and others will lead to a much happier life.

Meditation – This is one of the most popular methods for healing dis-mantrabalanced Chakras, and for a good reason too. Daily or at least regular meditation is one of the most effective possible ways to heal and nourish your spiritual life.

A Chakra meditation may be especially helpful for beginners. In this meditation, you would focus on each of your Chakras individually, starting at the Root Chakra and gradually making your way up to the Crown Chakra.

Using Mantras and Mudras in Your Meditation Practice – Mantras are one of the most popular methods to use in meditation. They consist of specific sentences or words or sounds that you can repeat during your meditation. OM is a common mantra to aid the opening of your Crown Chakra.  Mudras are less commonly used, but equally effective. They are various hand signs that correlate with specific Chakras. For instance, you can perform the Crown Chakra mudra during your meditation by touching the tips of both pinkies together while clasping your other fingers.

There are no downsides to unlocking any of your Chakras. Each Chakra will help you live a far more fulfilling spiritual and physical life and better equip you with the strength to get through hard times. When your Chakras are at optimal function, you will realize what a truly resilient and spiritual being you really are.

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